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– the leaves and branches will take care of themselves. Confucius.


I am in love with this 30 days journalling project.
Of course it helps, that I am still on holidays and can take time for it – as well as for blogging.
Roots. One of my most important roots is self-care. And the realization that caring for yourself does not equal egoism.
These 30 days of journalling – and I most definitely intend to do at least 30 days – give me the chance to take a closer look at myself. To get to know this person better, what she wants and needs. This leads to Trust, in myself, in others, shows me that it is ok to let go of control. And more.
It turns out, that not only STEPS is a word for me this year, but also or even more TRUST, trust in myself, in others, in things that happen around me. This doesn’t mean that I have to take everything in a stride, without complaining, be fatalistic about it. But accept and act accordingly. Act. Find myself through acting and being honest. Another word TRUTH.
Journalling is good. And today it let me take out and try watercolours again. Years ago, more than 20, when I had my first try at painting, I started of with watercolours. A nice memory, it will be repeated….

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