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Collage, watersoluble crayons, acrylics and markers on heavy mixed media paper, size 29,7x42cm

Day 5 of the journal project was about the purpose in life. Buddha said: “Your Purpose in Life is to find your Purpose and give your whole Heart and Soul to it.”

This is something that I have been searching for seemingly for forever. My purpose in life. Once or twice I thought I had found it, but it turned out, it was not meant to be. Of course that time I felt more like a failure, not having been committed enough. There it is again, that word, commitment. But looking back I see it as experiences, they might have cost me the odd coin, but it was probably worth it. I did learn a few things along the way.

The above painting came to the surface after a tele-session with Andrea Schroeder, looking for my dream, my purpose, that I know is hiding someplace. I found out, that I am not yet ready to fully step into my dream, I have to feel safe. So I built this sturdy bridge, that will lead me to what it is, I am meant to be and do.

In my eyes everyone has a purpose in life. And the one, we all have in common, is to love, feel and show compassion. And everyone is on a different level in realising this purpose. I am convinced, this can only be done, if you can love and feel compassion for yourself. Accept yourself with all your flaws and perfections. Not to accept your flaws in a way that makes you say, it’s like that anyway, I can’t change, and not accept your perfections in a way to show off like “I can do this better than you”, no, you always have the choice in which direction you want to go, and you can always chose to change and better your flaws lovingly, and show and be proud of what you are able of without the need to hide it. This is what makes you you, what makes you precious.

So my first and foremost purpose in life is to accept MYSELF, my all and whole self, to love ME, to feel and have compassion for MYSELF. The next step will be to look for a way to do, what I always felt I want to do, help others on their way to find this love and compassion for themselves.

Maybe I will find a way through art.




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