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One of the prompts for todays 30 Day Journal Project was “commitment”.

I feel strange about commitments. Where I have no problem whatsoever towards committing to my partner, having children, work – or everything concerning others – I have huge throwbacks when it comes to committing towards something that I could benefit from. It seems, as soon as I have decided to commit to something, there is this voice whispering “you MUST”. And that’s where I get kind of childish: a stubbornness comes out and seems to go “haha, you stupid voice of reason, there is no MUST, because I don’t want to, and I don’t have to if I don’t want, you cannot make me, haha!”

But this is exactly the contra productive part of making a commitment. And I have overcome it a few times, it usually helps not to tell anybody about it, not until I have some success to show for it – like losing weight. Because if I myself think I won’t make it anyway, everyone else will be thinking the same – won’t they? No, they won’t, but that is the kind of thought, that comes into my mind.

This time, with committing to journal for 30 days it is a different cup of tea altogether. It is laziness, to take out the journal, that I have to overcome. But without the requirement, the MUST, to art-journal, I have the freedom to just write, no need to take out the paints and brushes and clean up afterwards, before I can start writing. I CAN, if I want to, no MUST.

But I MUST take time for journalling. 10 minutes a day are all I need. Not more. This should not be a problem. So all I have to do is make time.





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Yes, a commitment, not really fulfilled so far, but tried every now and again.

I am actually put off by the idea, that I *have* to journal every day, but if I do not find a routine for something like this (which is the hardest part and I never have so far), I can not stick to it.

So I was reading Facebook-posts and one of them linked to Lisa Sonora, and the idea to commit for just 30 days seemed not as intimidating as looking at a whole book with blank pages. And I signed up.

The next step was to decide which of my journals and sketch books to use, I don’t think there is one I haven’t started using, and I like the idea of having one for a special purpose. But January 1st crept up on me quicker than anticipated – concerning the journalling-thing anyway 🙂 and there was no journal I could dedicate to the 30 days… How lucky that I am on the mailing-list of Effy Wild and get her news and offers and notes about her classes and what she is up to: last year she put a free tutorial online on how to bind your own book/journal. And I started on that. Love it by the way!

The first page:

01.01.2014 Step by StepOne of my words for 2014 STEPS

And now I’ll be off watching the new season of Sherlock 😉 the wait was long!

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