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You are provided for

I missed out one day. Yeah! and I do not feel guilty or have a bad conscience! When I started blogging again last week I had this goal of posting every day. But I don’t have to, do I. The same with the journalling. The journalling is an absolute great way to use it for blogging. When I started off with this blog I was a dedicated knitter. So knitting and anything to do with yarn was the main theme for my posts.  Now I am a “just” knitter. Plus I am playing with paint. And always wandering on and off spiritual paths. So these are the things I am putting my thoughts down about now. But where was I going with this? Oh yes! I missed out yesterday. I did not journal AND I did no blog-post. And it made sense in regards to the journal prompt as well. Go gently.

You see, I had another day off yesterday. Husband back to work, kids back to school, I was at home, waiting for a delivery. And I had time. Or not. After the kids left for school I went back for another hour’s snooze, got up, had breakfast, made room for our delivery, started cooking for lunch, and after lunch I took out my painting stuff, meaning to start on the journal page. But the cover of the journal still was not decorated, so instead I put some paint down on the outside instead of the inside, and as if planned, when I was done with the first layer of paint, the doorbell rang and the delivery-guys were here. That was that. Journal time finished for the day.

So going gently for me is not to push myself too far. To have care for myself, to feel what’s comfortable and what is too much. It’s not always possible, and most of the times going gently does not work, but more and more it does. I guess it’s just another kind of practise-thing. When I find I need to step back and go gently I have to let go this expectation of myself being perfect.

Yesterday I was going gently. First it felt like I was letting myself down, then the stubbornness appeared but went away again. I decided to go gently and leave journalling – and blogging – for the next day. And I was at ease.

How about I challenge you to make this deliberate decision as well and go gently with yourself?


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