Das perfekte Brot

Ich liebe Brot backen. Und im Laufe der Jahre habe ich bereits einige Rezepte ausprobiert. Mal mit Brotbackautomat – derer ich 2 hatte und sie jedesmal dann weiterverkauft habe, da das Brot nach einiger Zeit auch mit anderen Rezepten immer gleich geschmeckt hat – meist aber “von Hand” im Backofen.

Aber ich bin immer noch auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Rezept.

Heute habe ich Brown Bread nach Darina Allen versucht, allerdings mit der Änderung, dass ich statt Vollkornmehl Weizenmehl DIN 1050 nehmen musste, da der Supermarkt gestern ausgerechnet keine Vollkormehl mehr hatte….

Hier das Rezept:

400 g Weizenmehl DIN 1050 (sollten eigentlich 400 g Vollkornmehl sein)

75 g Haferflocken (sollten eigentlich 75 g weißes feines Mehl sein)

1 TL Meersalz

1 gestrichener TL Soda = Kaisernatron

-> in einer Schüssel gut mischen

1 Ei

1 EL Olivenöl

1 TL Honig

425 ml Buttermilch

-> in einer zweiten Schüssel gut mischen

Backofen auf 180°C vorheizen (Ober- und Unterhitze)

1/3 der Flüssigkeiten in die trockenen Zutaten per Hand mischen, das 2. Drittel dazumischen, dann das letzte Drittel. Der Teig sollte klebrig sein.

Dann in die Form geben und 45-60 Minuten backen.


Als erstes Foto gibt’s das hier:


Und um das perfekte Brotrezept zu finden, hab  ich auf Facebook eine Gruppe eröffnet Brot – auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Rezept 



I started on another book, Inner Excavation.








So this is the start. Taking pics during my day. I’ll try to do this for a while, not artistically great pics, just for fun…
Oh yes! The book is by Liza Lamoreux and on Effy’s site and on Facebook anyone can join in.
I won’t share everything, but stuff I am ok with sharing. And what the whole experience does with me.
Apart from photos there will be “written words” (who knows, maybe I’ll rediscover the poetess in me) and mixed media art. So it’s gonna be exciting…

Just a quick one:
I’m reading Kristopher Hughes book “from the Cauldron Born”. So far I only got to page 7, but it’s promising…. And inspiring already. Playing around:


Stay tuned for more 🙂


a place to win

I would sooooo love to win a place here VISUAL QUEST

So – this is my try 🙂 just like that 🙂


You deserve

Last week a colleague of mine went on a stress-seminar for two days. She’s 25 years and already feels the go-go-go of everyday-working-life like so many of us.

She came back absolutely invigorated and full of knowledge, filled with tricks and advice, how to know before it’s too late and what to do, so it won’t come to the nowadays widely spread burn-out.

One of the things the trainer said was that you should always love yourself, be aware of what you are doing and giving in your job. And that you DESERVE everything you are getting and even more. Every break, and be it just 5 minutes, YOU DESERVE IT!

And who of you – including me – is always aware of this? Well, I for one am not. But more and more, everyday.

So, my colleagues like my paintings, and we are a great team with just the right connection, and I thought I give something “back” to them, especially since we – as a team – are together for exactly one year today. And this is what I made, “You Deserve”,  ink, watersoluable crayons, acrylics and marker on mixed media paper, 29,7x42cm (11,75″x16,5″)


You Deserve

You Deserve original painting


I would like them all to remember everyday that they DESERVE every praise, break, good word and so on, so I made a copy of the painting and cut it into pieces to write on. And that’s what they get to pin to the screen at work 🙂


You Deserve Cards

Your Deserve Cards


Du verdienst das = You Deserve








Heart of A Mother

A while ago, I think it was after a night out, a happy night out, I went to bed and while falling asleep I started to think about my kids. And whenever they occupy my mind like this I get a very warm feeling in my belly, like a cozy fire reaching up to my heart. And my heart feels so full of LOVE. For both of them. For each of them.

After I gave birth to our daughter, holding her in my arms and looking at her, I had the same feeling. That kind that brings tears to your eyes, happy tears, like spilling over. And I thought to myself, how can I ever share this LOVE that I feel now for my little baby with a babybrother or -sister to come some time? But I know now: This LOVE is not being shared. The second my son started growing in me it was not only him getting bigger. It was as if my heart was expanding in a different dimension and at the same time filling up with LOVE for this little being. And no LOVE had to be shared, it just came into being.

Knowing this I now can say with an absolute certainty about each of my children, that I LOVE one of them more without LOVING the other one less as well as being more proud of one of them without being less proud of the other. And it does make no difference whose name is in which part of these two certainties, they can be changed around all the time.

And having all these thoughts running around in my mind in what felt like hours, but was probably more like 2 minutes, I saw the rough picture of what I wanted to put on canvas next. So “Heart of A Mother” was being born. It is my biggest painting yet (a bigger yet canvas is waiting downstairs for me though) and it was pretty scary to start, but once I did I just kept on going.

Heart of A Mother, acrylics, markers and watercolour on canvas, 80×60 cm



My first attempt at just go-with-the-flow-painting was Faces, Bloom was the second (see here). The process was kind of the same.

faces1 12.05.2013 20-15-46 I took my beloved Caran D’Ache NeocolorII’s and put down a few coloured spots. These I brushed with water, but tried to keep the forms and shapes, and at the same time blend the colours into each other but not to mix them too much.

After that I brought my violet ink out to draw lines around the forms and shapes.

Faces 23.05.2013 10-08-06With acrylics I painted over the watercolour, trying to keep to the original colours, but in places they changed and changed and changed….. It was just colour, re-doing the lines every now and again, but just colour….. very meditative ♥

It was done on mixed media 140lbs paper, 11 3/4″ x 16 1/2″ and is waiting to be framed.

The title “Faces” comes from my husband, who looked at it and said “I see faces, it should be called Faces” so I did. And I see them, too, in different places than he does, and two or three more….