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Yesterday was the perfect aftnoon for making a double-page in my Book of Days about the birth of my new website about healing, The Coloured Cauldron of Healing (only in German, sorry).

That’s what became of it


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Meinen freien Donnerstag-Vormittag habe ich wie angekündigt kreativ verbracht.7

Ganz stolz auf mein fertiges Werk gibt es auch gleich Bilder davon, das Cover für mein Book of Days:


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a “warning” at the start of this blabbering: I do not have a clue, why I started of in English. It has become a natural language to me in the past 19 years, so thoughts not only happen in German, but English as well. So, if you please just indulge me 😉 I might slip back to German, who knows?


This year feels to be about being creative. Creative in a bigger sense, since I am being creative anyway: I knit, I design my own knit-stuff, I come up with ideas for half a million things the whole time.

But being creative is more, it means making. Making things, and making myself. So I will give it a try and create myself out of myself. Not making a new ME, but bringing more of myself out of ME. Like chiselling something out of a stone.


It started last year, that I was being led to the decision to get going with the healer-part in me again. And I have made a start with that – Bunter Heilungskessel is what came off it, the Coloured Cauldron of Healing.

But I have the urge to go further. Following Effy Wild on Facebook , looking at her blog every now and again and knowing her from former podcasts, she made me curious to take out my paints and brushes and whatnots to dab into the arts again – and I now started the project Book of Days. I might or might not follow it through, but I am giving it a try.

So now I’m looking for my word of the year – or rather my word for the coming time since the year 2012 is not so fresh anymore. But who says projects like this can only start on January 1st? I have a few  words written down, but it is not really easy to pick one, it will stay with me for quite a while, and if it works out, the time with this word and the word during that time will have an effect on me and my life and everything and everyone around me. Or the way I am.

And while writing this it becomes *clear* that the word is most probably CLARITY – KLARHEIT.


I do not know yet, whether all or a lot or just a tiny bit of what becomes of this project will land in this blog. But I will let myself be surprised by this.


Time to stop the babbling and get going 🙂



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